Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sally's town...

My London and Twickenham/Richmond


Sandy's in Twickenham - Amazing fishmonger, who doesn't laugh at you when you stand there looking utterly confused at the massive selection of fish he has.

New Look, H&M, Primark, Top Shop, M&S, Gap (all over) - I'm high street all the way.

Paperchase in Kingston - Stand alone shop. I adore everything in Paperchase and am constantly buying note books I will never ever write in, pens, cards. It's like being 8 again and visiting a toy shop.

Lakeland at Brent Cross (the new bit over the road) - Did you know you needed a mushroom scrubber or mango slicer? No? Neither did I until I discovered this lovely shop.

Waterstones at Piccadilly - I haven't been here for years but often used to visit after work for a browse and a coffee. I think/hope it's still there.

Selfridges, Oxford Street - This shop has very fond memories for me, it was my first regular saturday job and is such a great shop. Although it has got a bit tooooo trendy and not full of the lovely little old ladies looking for the Haberdashery department.

Space NK in Richmond - when I'm feeling flush
Boots at Kew Retail park - for when I need shampoo
Wilkinsons in Kingston - for great bargains

Jewellery Alley in Richmond - A row of shops that sparkle.

Happicraft in Twickenham - An excellent independent baby shop. Sells almost everything.

The terrace in Kingston - The most amazing sandwiches. The chicken escalope club is highly reccomended.

De Cecco in Fulham - Lovely Italian.

Green Cottage on Finchley Road - My favourite chinese restaurant.

Southeys on Chiswick High Road - The Best Sunday roasts I've ever had. Many a single girls afternoon with a bottle of red and Lizzie getting rat arsed.

Don Fernandos in Richmond - Lovely tapas, lively atmosphere.

The bagel bakery on Brick lane - When you're pregnant, can't sleep and hungry, it's worth the drive.

The Freemasons in Hampstead - just for the beer garden.

The White Swan in Twickenham - lovely pub right on the river. Packed in the summer.

Pembroke Lodge cafe in Richmond Park - can't describe how lovely this place is. Nothing special in the food department, just a lovely place with a great terrace and view.

Parks and Walks.
Marble Hill to Richmond - a lovely walk along the river.

The Heath - full of some very happy memories.

Other special places....
Mayfair - I loved working around there. All the squares, Shepherds Market and not too full of tourists.

Fulham - some great nights out, full of rahs, quality. Home to the wonderful night club 'Crazy Larry's'. Many, many, many a drunken night in there.

Oriental City in Hendon - there's a restaurant that does the best Dim Sum I have ever tasted and there's shops that sell great plates, bowls etc



  1. p.s.i'm one of those old ladies looking for the haberdashery.

  2. a small white round roll.... oy vay! Does it matter??? xxx

  3. yay! first use of 'oy vay' on the blog. can we oy vay frequently please, and with chutzpah!

  4. I'm up for that. We definitely need more jewish phrases on this blog. COme on everyone where's your lists? It's the 4th of April already and I love reading about places I know and don't know.......