Monday, March 26, 2007

Zoe's Coulda woulda shoulda

Barbie as UT Cheerleader


Borrowed more money!

Moved out of home by now

Gone to New York in my placement year

Been born in LA, gone to sweet valley high and been a cheerleader


Had a kitchen unit now in Tottenham, if I hadn’t met Alan and opened b-a-b

Been in love by now if I had a job that allowed me ANY time off to find someone to love!

Lived abroad this year if I didn’t have a business

Had less worries and regrets if I didn’t worry and regret so much!


Opened the b-a-b tea room in a vintage shop in Muswell Hill

Been a fashion agent, worked with my best friend and wore high heels to work everyday, if I didn’t choose a life of cupcakes

Been Jemima French’s Pa if I had totally lost my marbles!

Loved Yoga if I had the patience and knew how to ‘meditate’ and be able to switch my brain off the million thoughts buzzing through my mind just for one second

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