Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fran's town...(big town, long list. Sorry)

St Paul's Churchyard, Covent Garden. Benny and I had a lot of lunches in this little courtyard when we worked round the corner from each other. It's so lovely in the spring, although there isn't a spare inch of grass in the summer.

Match Bar, Clerkenwell. When benny and I had a life, before Isi, we used to go here and drink Mitch Martinis. I would be drunk after about 3 sips.

Cheshire Street, E2. Such a great street off Brick Lane with lovely shops including Shelf.

The Tate Modern. Always have such a lovely time whether to see a particular exhibition or just to mooch around the shop. The top floor restaurant is very good too with great views of London.

Family Tree and Exmouth Market, EC1. Another lovely shopping street and it’s cobbled! Family Tree is one of the most gorjois shops in London.

Paperchase, Tottenham Court Road. I quite often faint when entering this shop for all the stationery delights.

Hidden Art open studios weekend. Towards Christmas, the Hidden Art organisation has an event when artists all over London open their studios. It's wonderful to see artists at work and a chance to pick up a special pressie or two.

The South Bank. I absolutely love the South Bank, just walking over the bridge from The Embankment and looking down river to see how exciting all the development has been over the last few years. It makes me very happy. There's the poetry library and the Hayward Gallery and the great lunchtime jazz and free exhibitions they have at the Festival Hall. Not to mention the great walk you can do to the Tate and further down to the Design Museum.
And of course it has the NFT.

The Everyman. Ahhh...memories. I've had some great times here, Bee and I used to come to the Woody Allen double bills and I do believe that once, I saw a silent film with a real live pianist playing along!

To'sho. Who would've thought that I would use a phrase coined by June Sarpong but Topshop is the very best shop ever in the world. Yes and that beats urban suburban (outfitters) coz it's cheaper.

The V&A. Good old Mrs Da Silva...she was obsessed with the Islamic ceramics. I just like walking around. The only problem with the V&A is that if you suddenly get that thing when you have to read everything or 'something bad will happen', you can be in there a very, very long time.

Bungees Folk Cellar. ok, it doesn't exist anymore but I have very happy memories of sitting drinking tea with bee, wearing black polo-necks and talking about e.e cummings or Campbell Scott or both.

Stroud green. I have never looked back. Not least because of the magic shop, which is not literally magic or even a shop that sells tricks but just a very good Londis! If you don't believe, come see!

p.s. ooh, ooh, can i add liberty? it's special.


  1. aahh...those cafe days at bungees....great list eff - love so many of your places...exmouth mkt a fave of mine too. do you remember how smelly the everyman used to be? my dad dragged me there to see 'lust for life' when i was 9 and when vincent cut off his ear the woman behind us started a big fight with my dad for letting a minor watch 15 rated films! thus my love for the everyman was born!

  2. Isn't Paperchase the best shop ever in the history of the world???x

  3. i don't remember the everyman being smelly, no. great memory though. i thought of you a lot, bee when writing my list. seems we have a lot of shared memories of london and a lot of shared hang-outs now.

    and yes sal, paperchase is amazing.