Thursday, April 05, 2007

Polly's town(s)

this was very hard as there are so many places i love in all the places i've lived, so here are just a few....

greville st. melbourne - i had my first flat here as a single lady and i felt very grown up. there are great shops in greville st and it is also home to the lovely foccaccia bar where the lovely foccaccia boy used to work.

metropolis (used to be on acland st. melbourne) bookstore - a proper bookstore with lots of browsing to be had.

the doulton pub, melbourne. scene of many laughs in the good ol' days with the ladle. we once spent a whole day in there being ridiculous. it's also where i met shan.

the campari at the george, melbourne.

the walk from st kilda to ormond point, melbourne. i used to do this walk of a morning and meet the ladle on the top of the hill before going to acland st for a coffee. the view across the city is fantastic.

the laneways in melbourne - you would never know that down these little alleyways lurk so many fantastic bars, restaurants, galleries and shops - always inspiring.

T'Gallant winery, Victoria for their yummy pizza and delicious wine.

Melinda's house in lorne - scene of some amazing times, lots of laughs, yummy food, great wine and some extremely drunken moments.

drinking frangelico in the cicciolina back bar

the stuffed vine leaves at termini (and the duck pappardelle!),melbourne
coffee and breakfast in melbourne in general, beats anything you get around here

little venice - where i grew up and a beautiful spot for a walk

hampstead heath of a summer evening

the tate modern and the v&a - great exhibtions and great shops!

queen's park - has saved my life since having milly

comfort station, cheshire st - my friend amy's shop full of wonderful treasures

to'sho' - i can't describe the feeling i have when i walk down that escalator....

habitat - always finding covetable things that i can't afford

portobello on a friday

borough market

the warrington pub - beautiful building

the 46 bus - because it doesn't really exist and is full of actors and extras

the mushroom risotto at the salusbury, queen's park

liberty, yes, auntie frannie it is very special

ikea - especially the marketplace. i almost get a to' sho' type feeling when i'm in there!


the sound of montese in the summer - scooters zooming by and children shouting from the pool

montalbino - where shan and i got married, a very special place

bologna - scene of many happy memories from my youth

venice - the most beautiful city in the world especially at 6am when there are no tourists around

and finally lying in my hammock on the balcony of our room in tulum, mexico. had just found out that i was an aunt and it was truly one of the most special moments ever.


  1. ahhh...auntie p! if that wasn't so lovely i'd ban it for being just a nice memory and having absolutely nothing to do with 'my town'!

  2. well, i consider tulum "my town"......

  3. I was on the 46 yesterday....

  4. that's cos the director knows you're back in the hood and so they've recruited even more extras for your journeys.

  5. oh my god i went to the new primark in oxf. st. today and it's amazing. that definitely should have been on my list......

  6. Were you involved in the riots there?

  7. oh blimey, don't ask her about primark. Wanna tell the rest of the a-listers what you can buy for £50 auntie peee?

  8. ready?
    jackets x 2 and very soigneuse ones at that!
    shoes x 1 pair
    socks for shan x 5 pairs
    belt x 1
    jeans x 1 pair
    vest x 1

  9. I've started working in Mayfair and drove passed Primark twice was heeeeavvving! Looking forward to my trip to mecca. xx

  10. There was a que there yesterday, right round the block. What's going on????

  11. it's bargaintastic.......