Friday, November 03, 2006

Xanthe's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

  • I never iron anything…ever.
  • When I was younger I’d hide used custard cream biscuits minus the creamy centre under my parents bed.
  • i’m enjoying watching hell’s kitchen USA and adore Gordon.
  • I can’t spell.
  • I haven’t worn black for 6 years unless the occasion required it.
  • I worry that toddlerdom is an insight into my children’s teenage future.
  • I don’t like being ‘hard’ xanthe, but I can’t help it.
  • I think about Thailand every day.
  • I like to flick through each page of a magazine first, before going back to read it.
  • I’ve never had mumps.
  • A boy at primary school held a potato gun at me in the outside toilets of the infants playground.
  • I spent a whole day in a thai prison, and didn’t pee once.
  • I don’t like breaking rules or the law, for fear of being told off, but will happy cheat at any quiz, if possible.
  • I don’t like planning the future.


  1. with YOUR bladder? i don't believe it!

  2. Why were you in prison????
    Girls, I have to say this list topic is inspired!

  3. And (God, how excited am I?) I don't wear black either - stopped a while ago as I thought it was negative and affected my mood. Isn't that odd. And...I take my furniture claim back. I've just almost had a nervous breakdown making a wardrobe.

  4. thank rosie for the list topic, she had to do it at work for some 'getting to know you' type thing.

  5. xanthe - maybe i could do some ironing for you, or teach you how to spell!

  6. that's a good idea. and me and bee can have simon cowell and eminem round for tea. and maybe 'soft' xanthe can come too.

  7. What is Hard Xanthe? I don't understand....

  8. well, she ought to explain really but i think it's when she's in one of her unforgiving moods and doesn't back down or suffer fools. when you don't want to ask her advice coz you know she'll tell you what you don't want to hear. she can be quite scary at times. just look at that photo.

  9. in light of xanthe's cheating admisssion i'd just like to say how much i've always enjoyed being on her side when we play cranium.

  10. i love that photo - such happy memories of the night we took it. space boots and giggling girls xxx

  11. loooove cheating!

  12. Is anyone going to tell me why Xanthe was in prison? Or are we not allowed to talk about it for legal reasons????!!!

  13. sorry sal, i wish i could say my time on the inside has taught me how to be 'hard' xanthe - but no, it was a traffic thing (a motorbike crashed into me), wasn't my fault at all, but i had to admit i was guilty and pay a fine, or they would have locked me up for a few months, proper. i was locked in hand cuffs, both hands and feet, and the toilet was so crusted in poo, it was revolting.

    i loved fran's description of my 'hard' xanthe, spot on..made me laugh, as did the photo.

    ....oh, i have never cheated at cranium, mister ben.

  14. 'they would have locked me up for a few months, proper'..... Such crim speak. Did you say 'no copper's taking me alive.'?
    X, that's awful, but I read the word trafic and thought oh my good they've framed her for human trafficing. Sorry to hear that X, joking aside it must have been effing awful. xxxx

  15. Oh my gosh...loving your list revival! This is genius! How on earth did they make you go to prison for being hit by a motorbike? Crazy! I'm guessing you han't had kids then. The poo thing wouldn't have seemed half as bad...