Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ellen's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

I pee in the shower - always, I can't help it.
I like people who make me laugh, but my favourites are the ones that let me be silent.
I'm upset that I don't enjoy surveys like I used to.
I'm worrried that I should move house and job before I get pregnant.
I always wanted to stay in hospital and when I did I enjoyed it.
My form of meditation is plucking.

My house is dirty and I don't especially care.
I've noticed recently I watch telly like my mum - with my mouth open.
I love posh noodles but rarely indulge.
I never go anywhere without deciding my route in advance, even the kitchen.
I still don't like tea or coffee but have trained myself for olives and red wine.
I wish I could be bothered to draw / paint


  1. hooray for the howard sisters and peeing in the shower!

  2. I'm so glad you said about peeing in the shower...water makes me pee. Any water, except a glass of. Bath, pool, sea... I did a poo in the sea once. I'm talking about poo again. Wicked list Gillian.

  3. it's important to plan your route - optimise and never waste a journey... x

  4. I'm intrigued by what 'posh noodles' are? x

  5. posh noodles are a brand of pot noodles (not posh at all), she eats proper posh noodles frequently, just resists the urge to eat the boil in a pot variety

  6. i also pee in the shower regularly but feel ok about it as i read somewhere that it prevents athletes foot - and i don't have it!

  7. i also pooed in the sea once - felt very bad about it. i too am obsessed with poo. in fact the other day at the physio they made me look at pictures of poo and say which one mine resembled. there was a choice of about 6 - great fun!