Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sally's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

I am not frightnened of dying
I make John text me whenever he gets to where he's going
I am petrified of the dark
I think wearing perfume is bad luck
I pick my nose
I'm brilliant at making flat pack furniture
In my younger days I snogged two girls - seperate occassions and under the influence
I know all the words to Jump around by house of pain
I never take the first magazine/newpaper/book on display off the pile/shelf
I love Dog, the bounty hunter
I've had two blood transfusions
I could eat olives until the cows come home
I hate Natasha Kaplinsky with a passion


  1. and what the hell is Dog, the bounty hunter?!

  2. It's only the best tv programme ever. It's on cable in the afternoon. I discovered it whilst I should be doing chores etc. His wife is the best thing ever.

  3. i pick my nose - how else do you get it clean?

  4. i'm really good at flat pack furniture as well.. fancy a challenge?

  5. You're on... I've got a chest of drawers and chair from Ikea, plus a wardrobe from Argos sitting here needing to be put together. I have to be good at it - john can't even open the boxes they come in.

  6. hey and i snogged two girls in my youth too! not the same ones sal??!

  7. So what happens in 'dog' exactly? take me through an episode.

  8. what if there is only one copy of the magazine left? x

  9. Starts off with Dog at home, Dog the caring family man and his beautiful wife Beth, lovely children...all in a trailer trash kind of way. The Dog goes to work 'DA Kine Bonds' and Dog gets serious. Always a scene where you see Dog and his gang getting ready, putting on bullet proof vests etc. Ten they go and get the baddie, then take baddie to court and ALWAYS a bit in the car where Dog says be good and stay out of trouble and the crims start crying and go 'yeah, Dog, we will.' More family stuff. End. Dog is 5ft7, wears 4inch heels in his cowboy boots and has a blonde mullet with a quiff. Beth has the biggest boobs ever and is about 4ft. God bless Dog.

  10. If there is one copy of the magazine left I don't buy it. I can't stand buying mags that other people have flicked through. This was passed down from my dad. It's a bit OCDish.

  11. mrs brophy? what did she teach us?

  12. Science, but her main job was at the start of our exams to shout 'It's three minutes past nine, you can start now.' In her lovely nasal tone. She job shared this role with Mr McCormick.