Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rosie's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

I have a scar from being chased by a barracuda

I would play cards until dawn, any game I don’t care, doesn’t even have to be cards, any game, except chess and that’s just because no one has taught me how to win yet

I am scared of driving in London, it’s not the driving that scares me, but other drivers

Sometimes I can’t resist the urge to bake

I hate the phone and in an ideal world would communicate without it

I’m a really good singer without an audience

I love hanging up washing in my garden, much less keen on taking it down

Given a choice (and the eradication of scurvy) I could live without vegetables

My legs tingle when I am tired

I see the world in numbers and shapes, everything has a pattern or dynamic, sometimes it is easy to see, sometimes it is more difficult to interpret


  1. i find this list strangely ethereal. and i have so many questions! what is this numbers and shapes business? do you have synesthesia? i've known you for 21 years goddammit! barracuda? qué?

  2. This is the best list I have ever read. I keep looking at it.

  3. i know. it's special. and i don't know why. schpooky! i wonder what xanna thinks. she has a cold poor love. get well soon xanna!

  4. thanks ladies - difficult to find many things you don't all already know

  5. Wonderful list, i love it, can't imagine how i'm ever gonna do mine... My legs tingle when i'm tired, it's called the wriggles...

  6. Why were you being chased by a barracuda? Where were you? Were you scared?