Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Polly's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

some things you may not know about me are...
that i call the area where i live, the 'ghetto'

that i feel the need to read the number plate of every car i walk past, or 'something bad will happen'
that punctuation mistakes make me angry, especially misplaced apostrophes
that grammar mistakes make me angry

that when i read magazines i have to read every page, including the ads, or 'somethng bad will happen'

that i secretly wish i was an actress or a singer
that i am scared of birds and butterflies - in fact anything with wings
that i enjoy ironing

that it took fran and i about 5 days to work out the time difference between uk and italy after the clocks had changed
that i once watched bridget jones twice in a row with the ladle
that i find animals acting as humans very amusing indeed
that i think cats are really evil

that i make emilia listen to 'meglio stasera....' many times over while i memorise the words


  1. i have that number plate thing too and when i start a magazine article, i have to finish it, even if it's really dull, otherwise 'something bad will happen'.
    love the pic by the way.

  2. yeah - same thing with mags. i HAVE to get to end of article and read every word. we're freaks - do you think we should talk to someone about this?!

  3. I really do think cat's are up to something. They are so sly - they will take over the world if we're not careful.

  4. Polly, because you keep mentioning 'Meglio stasera' I had to look it up. Then I listened to it and cannot get it out of my head...just the first line. Very jaunty song.

  5. u should play it to your boys - they'll love it.

  6. You're right, but isn't it quite hard to get hold of. There were quite a few web pages about it. Cult stuff.

  7. uncle benny emailed it to me as he knows how i love it!
    blimey you're on here more often than me.
    the 46 isn't a real bus by the way - it's just actors and extras pretending.

  8. I'm obsessed with this bloody webpage. It does exist - it's where I always bumped into you!