Sunday, November 05, 2006

Clare's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

'Some things you may not know about me'

I am convinced I'm unloveable
I can't always remember how to spell acommodation, committee, recommend and liaison
I feel uncomfortable being awake and not wearing a bra
Thinking too much about babies makes me cry
I love it when market stallholders know me, and yet feel intimidated because they ask where I've been when I miss a week
I like it when huge things happen in my life and I don't tell anyone about them
I always have a proper handkerchief about my person
I like the taste of aniseed but not mint
When I answer the phone, I've probably just said 'Oh bugger off' to it


  1. i also love keeping things to myself but it just doesn't last long enough. it always slips out.

    and i always swear at the phone before answering with a sunny hello. why do people have to call? i'm fine, i'll call you if i'm not!

  2. All these hating the phone things remind me of my dad who has a pathological fear of the phone ("DON'T ANSWER! DON'T ANSWER!") and door buzzers. When we were little and the door went, he would make us turn all the lights off and crouch down below window level until they'd gone.
    I was never very good at this and would often switch the light off in the hall which would have been clearly visible through the glass panel by the front door.
    Once, as I was creeping towards the spy hole, the letterbox flipped open and someone said "I can see your feet." Highly embarrassing.

  3. god you make me laugh. who was it at the door? what about when he hid in the cupboard for hours when his friend came round and made mum entertain him....

  4. i don't know who was at the door, i think i still pretended not to be there. probably just the postman.