Monday, November 06, 2006

Zoe's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

Some things you may not know about me.......

Just like my sister I NEVER iron anything - EVER!

Also like my sister I don't like breaking rules or the law for fear of being told off - it's quite scary how much I related to this when reading her list!

When I was in primary school I got hit in the head with a cricket bat when I was backstop when we were playing rounders - a few years later when I went to secondary school the same boy threw a cricket ball at the same place in my head - both times I passed out! I think he had it in for me? Actually whilst on the subject of being hit by balls - also whilst at Hampstead I got knocked out by a basket ball in my temple and got hit in the eyebrow with a ball from inside a computer mouse - out of all these injuries I would have to say the mouse ball was the worst and most painfull!

I never walk under road signs on the pavement
I never walk across three consecutive drains in the pavement
Despite the whole world not understanding this - I hate the smell of bacon
After having the rubella vaccine at 13 - I got german measles at 14
I think about my wedding alot - although this mostly reminds me how utterly single I am so I try not too!
I always wear matching underwear.
I hate birds
I still watch Twin Peaks, on really old VHS's, I know most of the lines now, but still discover new things, and I have always fancied bobby, quite a lot.
I once tried a cat biscuit and licked my cat to see what it felt like!
I have a really bad phobia of public toilets, anywhere!
I know what my childrens names will be, including accompanying middle names! and I will never tell anyone until they are born - except my future husband, who of course does not exist yet.
I always lie about my life to cab drivers.
I know most celebrity gossip!
When I was younger - if me and kim went to buy alcohol we always bought catfood and tampons at the same time, when we didn't need them, because we thought it made us loook older

I actually hate cupcakes..........just kidding!!!!!


  1. what do you say to cab drivers?

  2. bloody hell - sorry my list is long!! It looks longer here than on email -i am scared to get told off by you Fran though after I did for the length of my first list. As for the cab drivers - I tell them whatever I feel in the mood too lie about - haven't been in a cab alone for a while so haven't had a chance, but you just make up a life - a name, a job, etc. It's fun - you should try it! x

  3. You licked a cat? Excellent. And I love the tampon/cat food thing when buying booze.

    I am LOVING these lists. Next month it will be hard to top this plethora of beauties......

  4. gossip queen...why did pete dump nikki?

  5. Heat Feature Writer7:08 PM, November 06, 2006

    Because they went to a party and someone squirted vodka at her and she said someone had gobbed on her and made a right fuss and then she went to another of Pete's friends houses and said it smelt of doggy woggy's and Pete loves Cherry...who has gone to Japan for 6 weeks (supposed to be 10 but couldn't face being away from Pete)

  6. great list zoe - this is better than therapy, so much to share with each other

  7. Franny - I'm sure you know and you are just testing me - pete dumped Nikki because he was fed up of her tantrums and she slagged off his friends and said one of his friends houses stank because he had a dog. Thats what my sources tell me, however he probably realised as well as the fact that she is a little madam, that he just didn't need her anymore! And Sally, yes I licked the cat! me and my friend were just wondering one day how they can lick themselves and why they don't get a mouth full of fur, but if you do it, you don't get any fur in your mouth, because it's got like an oily coating, it was only one tiny little lick, I'm not that mad! Anyway as per usual I'm saying too much. By the way Fran - aparantly Ange is pregnant again! x

  8. I would just like to say that according to your picture franny (mine was better asctually) if by being attracted to Bobby, this does in fact mean that I 'like 'em rebellious, volatile and immature' - no wonder I'm always single!!!!

  9. i think licking a cat would have to be one of the worst things imaginable - i'm going to have nightmares about it.
    love the cat food/tampon thing though. have a cat = must be over 18!

  10. Mr Claypole - Ange is angelina as in brad and angelina of course! Oh and back to the Pete thing - apparantly he now prefers guys - so I read today in one of my trash bibles. And yes I know having a cat doesn't mean you have to be over 18 - but I tell you it always worked! It's funny I bought some rum for a cake today and got asked for ID!!!!!! Should have bought some catfood see! Oh and for the record - again - the cat licking thing is not that bad, maybe you'll try it in your nightmares! x