Friday, June 01, 2007

Sally's guilty pleasures

Nose picking - mainly mine, but quite often Ben and Sam's
Cleaning my ears out with a cotton bud
Eating crisps in bed
Eating generally really rubbish food occasionally - pepperami's, pot noodles, kebab's when sober
Shopping - i always feel guilty when shopping. Always.
Drinking cold tea and coffee - i think i've got so used to it that I now enjoy it.
Crap TV - Dog the bounty hunter (this is a real programme), America's next top model, real life cop shows, shows about binge drinking in market towns, awful US sit coms that don't make it to channel 4....
Listening to my i-pod (a new purchase) and singing in the mirror - something I haven't done for a very very long time.
Long lunches with wine and shouting builders.
Music that I'm too old to like.
Day dreaming - I am getting worse at this not better. I can day dream all day about things that will never happen. Currently the dream of being an Olympic Ice Skater.
Magazines - all of them. I love them all.
Starbucks - £2.50 for a cup of coffee or am I buying into the lifestyle?
Texting - Orange would fold if it wasn't for my text addiction.
Laughing - I want to laugh more and more and more. Life gets too serious.
Flirting - I missed flirting.
It's a list thing - I missed you last month, don't leave me again.....

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