Friday, June 01, 2007

Fran's guilty pleasures

Loose women (picture me frantically trying to get Isi to sleep before 12.30).

Maltesers (i don't know what's wrong with me).

Grazia or OK Magazine, not often, but when I do it's oh so good.

Getting paid for a few things and then spending all at etsy (sorry, a little advert there).

My pre-season Top Shop frenzy when I spend quite a lot on all my 'new season pieces' but then I don't have to go shopping for another few months.

At 8pm, on what seems to be every night, there is a show on TMF or FTN or TCM or whatever called All Access ( i think). If Ben is out, I watch this. It lasts an hour, it's usually about Lyndsay Lohan but I love it.

Reading blog after blog and leaving comments on them when I should be working.

Lindt 70%. We keep it in a Tupperware pot in the freezer. We get through approx 4 bars a week. It's an addiction.

If we are out of 70% and Maltesers (rare) I have been known to get a teaspoon full of chocolate powder and lick it. Or dip it in my tea so it melts...and lick it.

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