Thursday, March 08, 2007

Xanthe's Coulda woulda shoulda...

shoulda brought that flat on nightingale lane n8, 
back in 2001.
coulda dated john gordon sinclair, if I'd so desired,
been that desperate or hadn't already meet luke.
shoulda swam more when I lived in asia.
shoulda stopped eating chocolate a long time ago.
woulda got my belly button pierced before I had
children, if it had been a good
coulda been a prima ballerina, if I'd continued
dancing as a child.
shoulda spent less time worrying, doesn't really
get you anywhere.
shoulda had more lie-ins back when I coulda.
woulda eaten more pizza and cream teas, if i'd
known that i would have to give
them up.
shoulda won a large amount of money by now.

coulda been a contender, not sure what for,
but its a great line.

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