Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sally's "All I want for Christmas is..."

All I want for Christmas is....
A Kelly bag
Diamond stud earrings
A digital SLR camera
Our own house
A Land Rover Defender
A Cath Kidston mobile phone
A new wardobe of clothes
A laptop with wireless
A jewellery box from Smythson
All new make up
A new set of kitchen knives
BUT....will be over the moon with.... Seeing the boys faces on Christmas morning


  1. Yo! Lovin' the bling in Richmondia!

  2. I think I was swapped at birth and am in fact Lil Kim.

  3. jetlagged in manhattan2:54 PM, December 07, 2006

    don't lie, you just want daniel craig and a chopper....

  4. Oh dear Jettlagged, you MUST see the new Bond film... I'll babysit. It's so wonderful. He's so lovely and kind until the woman with rubbish make up and rather odd accent ruins him and he then becomes the Bond we know only too well...