Friday, November 24, 2006

Nomi's 'Some things you may not know about me...'

I read the end of magazine or newspaper articles first to see if I want to read the rest
I call sam my husband to anyone who doesn't know me
if i go under a ladder or signpost I bite my tongue and count to 10
I used to pretend to be a singer in front of hundreds of people - usually a charity event- and would dedicate 'my next song to someone very special to me'
I hate the taste of coffee
I secretly think about my wedding alot
I've been in therapy for many years
That playing certain card and board games scares the living shit out of me and my heart will pound throughout
That i've lost my purse more times than i've told anyone


  1. mmm...husbands, weddings, dedicating songs to "someone very special" there something you're not telling us?

    another candid list. thank you nomi.

  2. finally a new list - have been lost without them, although mills has had a lot more attention. thanks nomi

  3. I know one time you lost your purse... when we went to Amsterdam. You go on the plane with it - that's all we know!

    Get married - it's so lovely and then we can have a party and dance.

    You missed out the Dec thing and you have the biggest balumba's in the world.


  4. excellent list nomi - very confessional... i love it! xxx

  5. Does anyone need a chopper?