Friday, October 06, 2006

Xanthe's 'i don't understand...'

Why Ky won't let me use his scooter
Why teleportation hasn't been invented
So many channels, but nothing to watch
Why it always rains on the weekend
What Scott does for a living
Violence and arguing
Why my children always have to stamp in puddles
The obsession with football
Why it has to get dark at 4pm
Cosmo's obsession with Adam, his baby
Why there is nothing nice to wear in my wardrobe
Those late night phone-in quiz shows, where
no-one gets the right answer
Why money doesn't grow on trees


  1. yes many clothes, nothing to wear.

  2. When I was preggers with the boys I became obsessed with the quiz tv things. I NEVER saw anyone win anything. Do you get cable? Have you seen Gems TV?

  3. i've never seen Gems TV, what is it? That quiz on ITV late at the weekends is bonkers, i just don't get it, a money making scam! The answers seem so easy and no-one ever gets it right, but why does it suck you in...from xanthe.