Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bee's 'i don't understand...'

i don't understand...

my hair
why so many people read the da vinci code
movie stars who are in rock bands
people who eat gefilte fish (ie all of adam's family)
jeans tucked into boots
why i feel like having another baby even though i'm knackered
the government
bob's born-again period
izzy's fascination with flowers (but it's adorable)
most of my PhD
why i wasn't a teenager in 1967
the american pronounciation of 'parmesan', but i kinda like it
why she gets on the plane with victor lazlo


  1. Bec, I understand your hair now, but didn't circa 1990. You have jzuzy soir hair. I'm there with the jeans in boots thing. Are we just old?

  2. yes very very old. i love the jeans in boots thing and may be sporting them this winter!
    i thought you were sal de bain?

  3. Sometimes I forget my own witty nicknames.
    Will you be doing the skinny jeans and high heeled knee high boots. It suits Kate Moss and that ilk but looks wrong on the Katy Hill, Jade Goody type of person.

  4. but jeans in boots like wellies for practical purposes, non? jeans in ugs, or skinny jeans in pixie boots etc etc. - yuck. perhaps i should've been more specific. eff - you are too cool for school...b x

  5. well snooky, we all know that uggs are too uggy for words. but i do like jeans in a pair of fancy shmancy boots. i would be partaking if it wasn't for my calves only just making it into the boots let alone into jeans AND boots. and i'm not even the jade goody type (i hope).
    anyway, aunty dory always looks too jzujzy-soir in her many jeans/boots ensembles.
    and that's the last word on jeans in boots i tell you. and i'm the comments moderator so what i say, goes!