Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hey there list-lover!

This month we want to put our thinking caps on.
Xanthe and I don't just like frivolous, fun lists, we also both use them a lot in our lives. 
Apart from just planning my day, I use lists to work out a problem that might seem insurmountable, by writing down the tiny steps I need to take to conquer it. When it's written down, it's much easier to visualise the outcome and feel confident that I will get there in the end. And it really clears my head.
Xanthe is a firm believer that if you 'set your intentions' i.e. write down the things you want to achieve, it can help you realise them. And if you write them down and share them, there's more impetus to do them, it makes you accountable to someone.

When we were younger we use to do what we called a 'Theory of Achievement'. It was a cross between a to-do list and new years resolutions and it was mainly 'buy more bras' 'do more yoga' 'get a new hairstyle'! But now we're older, we think a little deeper and we see what's important to us, what we do actually want.

So this month we have something different for you -
a shiny penny.
And we want you to throw it into our wishing well by sending us your list.
It can be just 3 things you want to achieve, a series of steps to follow to get you to one big goal, a few things that will improve your life, things you want to change, it's your list. And we hope you'll keep coming back to it throughout the year.

So take your penny, ruminate a while, and come back to us with a list.

F & X
p.s. Happy New Year!

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