Sunday, June 03, 2007

Polly's Guilty Pleasures

grease is the word
custard tarts from the queen's park cafe
70% - i've gone from ordering one pkt to three on my sainsburys shop
the real hustle, bbc3
gripping things with my toes - this can be anything from the bedsheets to cushions to shannon's sweatshirt while i'm lying on the sofa (he hates it)
walking through south hampstead wishing i could afford to live there
stalking cillian murphy in queen's park
chewing my lips
papa's salsa verde on ANYTHING
looking at other people's photo albums when babysitting
loose women but i miss sheree and don't like jayne macdonald
other people's blogs - i'm addicted and can waste hours going one from blog to the next getting lost in the process
and of course topshop, but i don't feel guilty about it in the slightest!


  1. blimey, we are so similar! i can't believe you wrote that before you saw my list.
    carol mcgiffin is my favourite.

  2. i know, it's freaky. i loooove carol, she's not afraid to say what she thinks and i often agree with her while the others are tutting. don't like coleen either. and not sure why gmtv weather girl is suddenly a presenter.

  3. Carol is the best. The Nolan gets right on my nerves.

  4. i'm missing loose women to write this11:40 AM, June 05, 2007

    yay! we all agree on loose women! sally, i always assumed that you'd love coleen, not sure why. missing kaye, when's she back from maternity leave?!

  5. missed it today as was watching bb live feed - help!6:30 PM, June 05, 2007

    i saw kaye on something else so i think she's back from maternity leave already.

  6. I didn't even know Kay was preggers. Must pay more attention. I do like Jane, don't like Denise, like Sheree, don't like it when Jackie Brambles or Kate Garroway are on either.

  7. back from istanbul6:01 PM, June 10, 2007

    don't knock kate......