Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nomi's Guilty Pleasures

Watching back to back gray's anatomy whilst pretending its cause i'm feeding Jesse.

Gu's vanilla and chocolate cheescake. Sam and i eat one a week (last week bought two packs) both so gutted when its over.

One O'Clock Club. Always feel i should play with ols. Always just sit and chat.

Still making time for Home and Away. Not sure how i do this.

Making Chloe do my feet every time she comes round for the evening..

Daytime sleeps (don't v often, but if i do oh so good)


  1. Oh Gu... Ellen and Paul keep an eye on the expiry dates and wait until they are reduced in price - more for your money and less guilty too

  2. have you tried the gu icecream in its special package? mum went through a phase of having it whenever we went for lunch.

  3. i like the steamed pudding type gu. it's not steamed though, you put it in the oven but it has the texture of steamed pudding, spongy with chocolate sauce...oh my, i'm off to magic to get some.
    ma also gets the brownies which are sooo moist! is queen of gu me thinks.

  4. northwood is gu heaven7:07 PM, June 14, 2007

    ooh i haven't had the brownies, very upset about that.....

  5. gu goodness lover8:35 PM, June 14, 2007

    brownies rock, so do the little chocolate pots