Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rosie's town (Yarmouth, Isle of Wight)

Arriving by ferry to be greeted waving arms and smiling faces

The old pier and Granny Kiki's plank

The familiar walk through town and the anticipation of the first Mill sighting

Gossips café for Minghella's ice cream (cappuccino or banana flavour? ... it's
an endless dilemma)

The George, Bugle, Kings Head or Wheatsheaf? All happy haunts at some stage

Harwoods Chandlers shop - deck shoes, footballs, rope for hammocks or fishing
lines - it has it all

Nikaty-nakaty shops - plenty of different ones over the years - thousands of
useless ways to spend hard earned pocket money

Carnival - even now a highlight of my year - never matches expectation, but I
still look forward to the parade, the funfair, the harbour sports and the
races/dog show - something for everyone!

Walks along the railway line or up to the copse - can't be beat in my book,
especially with a toddler, there are adventures around every bush

Compton Beach - challenges the best of the rest of the world in my eyes

The WI in the Town Hall on Wednesday mornings during the summer - superb cakes
and jam, got to get there early though (it is all super cheap and I still spend
a fortune)

Quick dashes in the car over to Freshwater to the supermarket - quick stop at
the Red Lion on the way back

Horse riding if someone will go with me - fresh air and galloping across the

The Mill - I can easily spend a weekend and not leave the house & grounds -
endless games of cards, dominos, backgammon, snooker, table tennis or lurky
('kick-the-can' to the uneducated), crabbing out the front, sun
bathing/reading/yoga out the back, fires in the yard in the evening, laughing at
Ellen/Scott struggling in the canoe, drinks out the front watching the sun set,
drinks out the back waiting for dinner to be ready

Not having Internet and proper mobile phone signal, not having channel 5 or even
a TV with remote control or outside aerial

Communal living, kitty purse and mass shopping and cooking

Finding a decent mattress and not telling anyone else about it

The big clean up and room inspections - leaving it like you would want to find

I could go on, but it has become 'My holiday house' rather than 'my town'

I thank you

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