Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Xanthe's "I secretly love..."

jonathan ross and clive owen (some old faves never ever ever will die)
zac braff
jamie oliver
gordon ramsey (there is something about chefs, i probably could've included more)
vanessa feltz and anna reaburn (only on the radio, a sad reflection of my life)
peter jones - dragons den (i'm loving the dragon debate)
dom jolly
horatio from csi miami
hugh laurie as house
yehudi gordon
chris martin (only when performing on stage)
kate winslet - i'd like her to play me in the film of my life (perhaps a new list idea?)


  1. so glad you love her too xanna, she is so tough and beautiful and goddess- like, non?! and yes, great idea for a new list! glad someone else has a soft spot for jamie too...!

  2. Winslet has is all, who'd have thought hey... Jamie is pukka xxx

  3. great list xanna, compleeeeetely forgot zach braff - looove him!

  4. Dog's wife - Beth8:09 AM, February 17, 2007

    I love most people performing on stage....then you see them being normal and it's bleughhhh. Chris Martin encapsulates this. Nice list Xanadu xx