Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bee's "I secretly love..."

i secretly love...
toby from 'the west wing'
paul auster
jamie oliver

jason lee (esp. in 'almost famous')

kobe bryant (LA Lakers basketball player)

robbie robertson

benicio del torro

ryan giggs
tony soprano
leonard cohen

justin lee cook

kate winslet

enrique iglesias

jon bon jovi (still)
and totally incomprehensibly...baldrick from 'blackadder'


  1. RYAN GIGGS!! jesus christ on a bike! that's it bee, we can no longer be friends.

  2. great list bee - i looooove jason lee, damn i forgot him and billy crudup and owen wilson, in fact luke wilson too. bit disappointed about justin lee cook though - not a big fan.

  3. yes, i know, a bit peculiar eh? can't put my finger on it with jamie oliver as i generally dislike him tremendously...hmmm....and ben, sorry about the giggsy thing - it's true. woulda put zidane and henry on there too, but would've looked like a weird football fancier :-)

  4. Ahhh Jason Lee. I fancy him, but I weirdly fancy him the most in My Name is Earl. Justin Lee Cook winds me up and I prefer Julio to Enrique. Loving this per usual.

  5. yes, jason lee rocks, as does billy crudup and the owen bros. love 'em too, well done p. ooh, i forgot jason schwartzman - he's definitely one of my boyfriends...

  6. oh my god i forgot him too - he's my boyfriend by the way....

  7. oh, lord. someone else in the world besides ME finds toby zeigler irresistible.

    happened upon your blog via "Next Blog." interesting idea!