Monday, January 15, 2007

Xanthe's Desert Island Discs

baby, now that I've found you - alison krass.
the song for all my boys.

scientist - coldplay.
because nobody said it was easy.

dreams - gabrielle.
because my dream came true when I met luke.

billie jean - michael jackson.
will always get me on the dance floor.

sugarman - don't know the artist.
just love it.

my way - frank sinatra.
my theme tune and karaoke favourite.

california dreaming - jose feliciano.
warms my heart.

my love is your love - whitney.
great singalong.

would save
baby, now that I've found you - alison krass.

the heart of yoga - t.k.v desikachar.
always inspiring.

luxury item
a radio.

1 comment:

  1. Rodriguez - wrote Sugarman and many other amazing things...