Friday, December 08, 2006

Polly's "All I want for Christmas is..."

for milly to sleep through
a cleaner
for the dust to disappear
some sunshine
for milly to grow some hair
a top shop voucher for ever day of the year
someone to show me how to use skype so i can joke with the ladle
david gest to come and tell me some ridiculous stories and make me chuckle
to wean myself off the crap tv i watch ALL day
4 calling birds


  1. I can use Skype - I talk to John on it all day. Well I talk, he's working so occassionaly write back. Can I be of some assistance ma'am?

  2. i think it's just that i can't be bothered to actually look into how to do it as i'm too busy watching crap tv or blogging!

  3. And babies don't sleep through - everyone else is a fibber.... They will wake through the night until they are 15 then you won't be able to wake them for love nor money.

  4. P, it takes about 5 mins to download, if that. I did it from e.bay. I just use the chat thing.

  5. no, i've downloaded it, i just can't be bothered to do the rest. it's been sitting on my desktop forever.
    and babies DO sleep through, i know they do....