Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ben's "All I want for Christmas is..."

Some new jeans

Jarvis Cocker's new album

The population of London to be halved overnight
(the disappeared shall include people who smoke in public, drink alcohol in the street, read the daily mail, live upstairs from me, and travel on the poor bus).

Roast chicken

A job within walking distance of my house

The ability to finish a book

More trainers

The 3rd series of Lost

To jump off my favourite rock into Lake Atitlan


  1. mmm...considering the people upstairs drink heavily, smoke a lot and probably read the daily mail, you could've just put them on your disappearance list. i don't think they travel on the poor bus...but they should.

  2. Daily Mail reading smoker7:03 AM, December 26, 2006

    I'll get me coat....

  3. yes, what has happened to season 3 of lost??? perhaps it has something to do with those italian blokes in the north pole...or the others and their blasted book club??
    p.s. is that lake in guatemala?

  4. lake: guatemala, yes.

    lost: it's on it's christmas hols.

    smoking the daily mail: what can i say? i have to be ruthless i'm afraid, otherwise we'll never bring the population down. if it's any consolation most of my male friends will have to go as well.

  5. intolerant in queen's park7:41 AM, December 29, 2006

    can we get rid of the people on the 36 bus as well and people who dawdle in oxford st? people who shout at their children in the street/on the bus, the people in kilburn high rd sainsburys.....

  6. I think most of Kilburn can go actually.