Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bee's "All I want for Christmas is..."

all i want for christmas is...
a bigger flat

a new frock and a party to wear it to

for someone to hurry up and build a train from london to new york as flying with izzy is so unfun

to be offered a groovy university teaching job where i can 'unpack' things on a regular basis

for my sister and el skype-o's love to be true

for adam to dress up as the hanukkah armadillo
for my dad to make a speedy recovery
a tea cozy

'decca: the letters of jessica mitford'

new york prices in london - wowzers!

for led zep to play in my garden after eff & ben's - maybe to launch the led zep reunion garden tour!
to celebrate festivus - a holiday for the rest of us!
a little snow would be nice


  1. May all your Christmas wishes be granted -- especially the book.

    Peter Y. Sussman
    Editor, "Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford"

  2. mum's getting "decca" for christmas and i'm borrowng it after her, so will pass it onto you after if u like and then we can have a richard and judy style book club!

  3. thanks! i'd love a richard n judy style book club! perhaps santa will bring me it tho,,,,

  4. maybe peter y. sussman will send us all one!

  5. hooray for peter...

  6. softly softly catchee monkey3:28 PM, December 14, 2006

    maybe peter y. sussman would like to send us his christmas list?