Monday, October 02, 2006

Polly's 'i don't understand...'

i don't understand...

why carol vorderman feels the need to wear party frocks for countdown
why they served ferrero rocher at the ambassador's reception
why emilia doesn't laugh at my jokes or love my singing
why there's never anything good on telly on saturday night
how my flat can get so dusty
why australia is so bloody far away
the wardrobe department at gmtv
how the ladle and i can laugh at the same things a million times over
how shan manages to snore through the night and not hear emilia
how emilia manages to snore through the night and not hear shan
why everyone in queen's park has a bugaboo
why top shop don't reward me with free clothes for my loyalty
the sienna miller/kate moss obsession


  1. re carol vorderman - great sisters think alike. and i know sally appreciates carol's eveningwear for a teatime quiz show too.


  2. she had a one shoulder number on the other day
    p x

  3. What about that Roland Mouret (I think I've spelt it wrong) dress that she's ALWAYS got on. Apperntly she's tipped to be the new presenter..she'll have to rethink waht she wears as she'll be sitting.

  4. the galaxy.....

  5. yes the galaxy dress, she can't get enough. poor roland.

  6. well, she's got to get her money's worth. the pay on countdown can't be that great. not as good as dr legg's anyway!