Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Xanthe's i like list

i like...

no 73
sushi with luke
summer days and evening picnics
the heath
questions from the boys - "why do we have to grow?” "what is the sky?” “how do you make a fridge?” "what noise does an eagle make?"
early nights in clean sheets

boys eating ice cream – more silence
dianna the osteopath
‘House’ with hugh laurie
it when a plan comes together
the laughter of my boys playing rough n tumbs
the smell of jasmine
the ‘parking angel’
boo’s cakes
ray la montagne
driving listening to the radio
thursday night yoga
i like and feel very lucky to have such amazing people in my life


  1. X, I love the boys questions. They made me laugh and smile. How do you make a fridge?.... Brilliant. Where do you start?

  2. I basically give a simple answer of things are made in a factory, so far i'm getting away with it... thank goodness for the internet, it will help me out once the questions get more tricky.