Monday, September 25, 2006

Sarah's i like list

I like.............

To know what I'm getting involved in? is this a money making venture girlies ?????
The muppet show which has been playing in our house for the last 2 weeks (not only on the tv)!!!
Heinz salad cream (just paid 3 euros for a bottle which had 99p marked all over it).
Receiving phone calls from long lost girlfriends!!!!!
The rain.
Week-ends with Bert and the kids.
Bert's paintings (most of the time!!)
Going to PTA meetings just for the excuse to go and get pissed afterwards.
Sticking up for old ladies when nobody will give up their seat on the bus.
Vicks vaporub.
When I wake up to Elliot and Charlotte singing to one another.
Learning Italian.
Seeing my family.
Summer holidays in Rayol as a family.
"Thinking of You" by Sister Sledge.
Living on the Port of Nice.
Coffee mornings with other mothers (sad state of affairs).
Elliot's tennis teacher! (such a sashi thing).
Being able to spend time with my children.
My dad's sense of humour.
"Merde actually" the book I'm reading at the moment.
"Nouvelle Star" on French telly.
Swimming in the sea.
Shopping in San Remo.
Cigarettes (only with a glass of wine).
A glass of wine (only with a cigarette).
English sense of humour (only really appreciated when living abroad)!!!
One of the judges on the really dodgy "Novelle Star" tv programme.
Going to bed.


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  1. Punctuation monitor7:20 AM, September 29, 2006

    Whooaa there! Exclamation mark overload.